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Restore your caravan to prime condition with The Repair Team

Are you a keen caravaner and looking to give your home-from-home a spruce up in time for the new season? If so, now is a great time to restore it to top-notch condition with The Repair Team.

The interior fittings of caravans are often built from lightweight artificial wood or veneered MDF, whilst shower trays are made of light plastic panels that can be weak and brittle. With such unforgiving materials, it’s important to have experts at hand, and that’s where we can help, here at The Repair Team.

The top cosmetic surface repairs that we carry out in caravans includes:-

  • Restore damage to a wide range of hard surfaces, including laminate, plastic, wood, plus more.

  • Repair wear and tear to doors, including scratches, dents and holes.

  • Repairs to damaged sinks and shower trays.

  • Worktop surface cooking burns can be restored and colour matched to the surface.

  • Screw holes can be filled in, providing a seamless finish.

Our repair team is on hand to carry out the repairs wherever your caravan is stored. Here at the Repair Team, we pay great detail making sure your home-from-home is in spotless condition and ready for the new caravanning season.

If you would like our team to take a look at any cosmetic surface repairs, please get in touch with images of the damage to be assessed.

📞 Call The Repair Team office on 0117 956 6025.

📧 Email The Repair Team at

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